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Aug 26th 2017
10 months ago
Oct 25th 2017
8 months ago

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The CHEX Platform Overview

Trading within individual commodity and B2B product industries carries its own idiosyncratic business processes. Individual players within a specific industry also have their own idiosyncratic processes. The already developed CHEX premium platform provides a robust range of tools and feature sets to customize an individual business wholesale storefront or private exchange, and also meet an entire industry’s requirements for a public exchange through process modularity. CHEX have built a robust set of modules that each contain a generic process and designed all features to be industry agnostic, so as to repurpose and further customize between industry platforms. CHEX Process Modules can be swapped and linked in adaptive ways to expediently onboard a new industry platform and provide all necessary features for a smooth user experience. Piecing these modules together can be wired to solve all idiosyncratic needs of any hard, soft and digital asset sector.


Eugene Lopin
CEO, Product Manager
Danny Floyd
Chief Experience Officer
Jacob Floyd
Chief Technology Officer


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