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team - good team but too small 

mvp - yes 

idea - usual 

competitors - many 

market - #exchange


Oct 20th 2017
7 months ago
Dec 20th 2017
5 months ago

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CoinsOpen is a privacy-oriented P2P exchange with embedded zkSNARKs coin mixer that is poised to boost Ethereum ecosystem in a way LocalBitcoins did in case of Bitcoin. And we don't just offer a concept - you can trade Ether on our exchange right now - sign up at


We believe Ether will replace BTC as the main transaction currency. BTC is slow, clumsy and extremely expensive (at the time of writing, to get your transaction approved, you have to pay 3$ and wait 20-30 minutes). Ethereum has an active developer team, and Ethereum-based apps are rocking the world. But you can’t buy Ether anonymously - and that is the problem solved by


CEO and Lead Developer


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