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bookmark7 /10
team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #gaming #crypto
Mar 23rd 2018
4 months ago
Apr 23rd 2018
3 months ago

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       Coinquiztador is a trivia based online game, in which the players answer questions from a single category. The difference with the other well-known trivia games is that with our project you can earn actual money, and your winnings depend entirely on your knowledge. In Coinquiztador you are competing against real players and each player who you defeat, earns you real coins. The players don’t have to worry anymore that they are lied to. In Coinquiztador the player is not competing against the casino, but against other real players. We create utility token that the player will need to bet when playing. That means that the token’s value might be increased by populating the game and by increasing the number of players joining our platform.


Aleksandar Nedyalkov
Founder and CEO
Ivan Takev
CO-Founder and CTO
Diana Nikolova
Employee relations officer
Vladimir Stanev
Legal Advisor
Gergana Matova
Legal Advisor
Stoyan Stankov
Portfolio Manager
Evelin Moysov
Public Relations
Vlademir Dimitrov
Blockchain Developer
George Spasov
Front-End Developer
Krasimir Krastev
Project Manager


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