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bookmark7.5 /10
team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #gambling
Jan 16th 2018
6 months ago
Jan 26th 2018
6 months ago

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CoinPoker is a poker room built on blockchain technology that will offer fantastic value for both poker players and cryptocurrency community members alike. We are also introducing CHP (‚chips’) – a brand new cryptocurrency that will be used to play poker safely and comfortably.

CoinPoker is not a pie in the sky theoretical concept, the core software is already built and ready to go and will be available for you to test here!

CoinPoker’s online poker platform is set to revolutionize the way online poker operates. You will be able to connect to our platform from anywhere in the world, use your tokens to play, be sure of a fair game and the safety of your funds. Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology will help CoinPoker offer immediate, pain-free transactions from every corner of the globe.


René Boutestijn
Chief Development Officer
Justas Kregždė
CTO & Smart Contract Developer
Michael Josem
Head of Security
Isabelle Mercier
Chief Community Manager
Paulius Mikaliūnas
Head of Poker Operations
Alex Mishiev
Online Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert


Antanas Guoga – Tony G
Sonic Zhang
Entrepreneur and investor
Mike Segal
Cryptography expert
Kevin Hobbs
Blockchain Technology Expert
Danilo S. Carlucci
Marketing & Communication Expert
Emerson Fonseca - CryptoFonzy
Blockchain Consultant, Cryptocurrency Trader and Community Advisor
Teresa Nousiainen
Poker and Community Advisor
Warren Anthony Lush
PR and Marketing Expert
Brian Thomas Hall
Legal Advisor
Eugene Dubossarsky
Data Scientist
Chadd Burgess
Quantitative Trader & Capital Markets Consultant


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