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Jul 16th 2017
a year ago
Jul 17th 2017
a year ago

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A crypto based social trading platform

Get insights about your crypto portfolio, benchmark it against the market and other traders. Follow the best performing investors and invest exactly like them with the copy trade feature. Discover new opportunities, and new tools: ICO Dashboard, Investment automation and more. CoinDash Portfolio: Track, analyze and make smart investments. Learn important analytics about your investments: performance, risk, asset allocation and diversification. Insert your public key and the system will automatically provide you with insights about your trading stats and history. CoinDash doesn’t hold any funds or private keys.

CoinDash social trading ecosystem will allow users to share and view investment information and strategies. You will be able to follow other investors, view their asset allocation and performance as well as copy trade their ICO investments using a smart contract tool. This represents CoinDash’s symbiotic network where beginner traders can now gain much needed information while top traders can gain from sharing their knowledge and achievements. Marketplace: Discover and invest in new opportunities directly from CoinDash platform. CoinDash will include integrated real time market data and third party investment instruments to give you the best available investment tools in the crypto space in one unique platform.


Alon Muroch
CEO and Dev
Adam Efrima
Co-founder and COO
Emmanuel Gimenez
Ram Avissar
Marketing and community
Eli Sklar
Director of product and dev
Bar Yariv
Niv Muroch
Community manager
Jody Hsu
Director of design


Matt Chwierut
Market research advisor
Brian Lio
Market research advisor
Tony Tao
China market advisor
Roy Zou
China market advisor
Vincent Zhou
China market advisor


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