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team - unknown
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - low
market - #charity
Feb 20th 2018
3 months ago
Jun 28th 2018
in a month

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Chek is a token that integrates businesses and charities into a single effective ecosystem via a global loyalty program.


The infrastructure is based on Chek good deeds tokens awarded to buyers when a donation to a charity is made. Using Loyalty API interfaces, the business integrates the charity loyalty platform into its processes and receives a full-fledged loyalty program comparable in its features and functionalities to the market leaders in the loyalty programs segment.


Purchases can be made both online and offline:

- Online on a special One+1 Marketplace charitable trading site and similar services connected to the loyalty program through the Loyalty API;

- On websites and in the apps of ecosystem members that have integrated the loyalty program into their business; and

- Offline in the stores of ecosystem members using POS integration.

Using the Charity API, businesses gain access to a regularly updated catalog of charities and their projects and allow customers to choose the purpose for their donation when making a purchase. Charity services and projects also gain access to the global charity database (Charity Database and Big Data) and, through the Charity API, use the database to build new effective solutions for charities.


When buying goods or services through charity shops or aggregators, the customer receives loyalty reward points which may then be exchanged for Cheks or vice versa at a special exchange.


One+1 carries out appropriate legal and tax work in every new jurisdiction where it launches a loyalty program to ensure all members can enjoy a loyalty program that operates in accordance with the relevant national legislation. Thanks to the loyalty points system, One+1 may work even in those jurisdictions where cryptocurrency circulation is prohibited or difficult. A distinctive feature of the One+1 program is that points are pegged to the Chek exchange rate.


When paying for goods and services in the One+1 ecosystem, the customers can be sure their donation will reach the intended charity or organization. Donations can be traced through the Charity Ledger Explorer.


By using Engagement Services, customers/donors can monitor the status of the projects they support, receive reports on the results, and ask questions to charities. Interaction takes place in any way convenient for the customer, whether through a chatbot, a mobile app, text messages, or email.


The Charity Data Loader exports information on donations from the loyalty platform into the Public Charity Ledger. Charities also use the Loader to upload information on donations made outside the One+1 project infrastructure. The data is used to issue Cheks and calculate the Good Deeds Rating of socially responsible individuals and businesses.



Mikhail Paley
Yuri Platonov
Head of Operations
Artem Garashko
Yuri Garashko
Software Architect
Alexander Garashko
Head of Software Development
Kristina Zasimova
Executive Director
Andrey Vishnyakov
Head of Marketing
Daria Bogachkina
Head of Communications


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