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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #wireless
Jan 16th 2018
5 months ago
Feb 19th 2018
4 months ago

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Decentralized platform to create your own ISP - WISP and deploy your own network anywhere in the world. Breaking with intermediaries, and abusive costs like franchises. No need to waste time in bureaucracy. We put at your disposal the use of our licenses so that you can act as your own ISP.

Through the Cederis platform, any person, entrepreneur or company can create their own ISP (Internet Service Provider) through wireless (WISP), using the most competitive standards such as LTE or Wireles 5G Fixed.

We put at your disposal all the necessary tools to do it without having to waste time in bureaucratic procedures, such as the creation of a company, or the management of licenses, or the search for contacts, and contracts with third parties, without the need to pay abusive royalties to franchised companies that only think about their own benefit and not about the entrepreneur.

By using the Cederis platform, you will use our ISP licenses, and all the tools to set up your main node and its deployment, among which, access to thousands of telecommunication towers around the world and Fiber Optic T1 dedicated for operators in your central.

You will be able to act as a node in the network totally decentralized and managed 100% by you. With our Api you will have a control panel easy to use which you can control your entire network and clients. Using the most professional brands in the market in wireless technology LTE 5G. Using our tools, creating your ISP was never so easy.

How it worsks?



Details of the ICO

Token Name



Token Symbol



What does cederisToken represent?


All holders of Cederis tokens have the right to obtain dividends according to their participations

Total Supply


The same that collect on ICO. Max 100.000.000



ERC20 / Ethereum



Listed before Q3 2018 in diferents exchanges



1 Participation for each 1000 Tokens

Voting System


1 Vote per each investor.

Accepted Coins



Cederis token Crowdsale

Token sale information


Token distribution information

Token Name: Ceder
Accepted currencies: BTC - ETH
Minimum Contribution: 0,005 BTC / 0,05 ETH

(Please consider that the Bitcoin transaction fee is nowadays insanely high. We saw transactions that had to pay $40 just to get confirmed. At the moment around $20 is needed for a transaction if you need to forward it in a single transaction and want a confirmation in the first block. Not risking that the transaction hangs without getting confirme. We recommend 0,01 BTC)

Token Price: 0,10 $
Bonus : 40% January 16th to January 28th
                20% January 29th to Febrery 04th
                10% Febrery 05th to Febrery 11th
                 0% del Febrary 12th to Febrary 18th
Annual benefits: 40% of annual benefits for all investors


Once you have invested, you must  send an email to with the following information:
Name, invested amount, wallet from where you made the payment, Transaction ID and erc20 wallet address to receive your tokens.

Cederis Escrow address to invest:

For BTC : 
For ETH : 

ESCROW: SebastianJu Bitcointalk 

ONLY invest after reading the escrow terms regarding how to invest so that in case of refund a refund can happen for you because you sent your investment provable. Check the safety I can provide, the refund terms and the refund fees, including the minimum refund fee: ##### Link to escrow terms #####"





Jorge Farrés
Ceo - Founder

public meetup speaker and blockchain writer


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