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team - very strong team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - few
market - #platform #health
Dec 11th 2017
6 months ago
Mar 11th 2018
3 months ago

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CareX is a blockchain platform with a token currency (CARE) to be used on the CareX platform for the purchase and sale of health care services. The substantial benefits to patients, providers and suppliers who are part of the network can be summarized as follows:

For Patients

Reduced out-of-pocket health care costs by 20-70% removing inefficiencies through blockchain technology and deep learning to provide real time access to the best of class practices and lowest cost of care facilities.

For Providers

Quicker and streamlined payments in cryptocurrency through disintermediation of burdensome administrative costs via the blockchain.

For Suppliers

A modern platform that will enable suppliers to have access to the providers and vice versa thereby creating a marketplace that will enable a streamlined transaction platform using blockchain to ensure transaction accuracy as well transact in cryptocurrency.



Venkat Garikapati
Founder & Chairman
Mike Bishop
CEO CareX Blockchain Platform
Hendrik Klein
Chief Investment Officer
Swaroop Kallakuri
Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
Jackson Adams
Chief Communications Officer
Andy Tunisi
Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Pivalizza
Angela Daniels
Director of Community Engagement


Robert A. Falivene
Advisory Board
Kurt Defenbaugh
Advisory Board
Fredric Ham
Advisory Board
Amine Bourbia
Advisory Board
Ilyes Benchaala
Advisory Board
Kamel Rekab
Advisory Board
Eric Haden
Advisory Board
Celina Pizarro
Advisory Board
Robert Cormack
Advisory Board
Charles Richardson
Advisory Board
Lisa Grant
Advisory Board
Jua'Nese Williams
Advisory Board


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