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bookmark7.5 /10

team - strong team

mvp - yes 

idea - interesting 

competitors - low 

market - #ar/vr

Mar 22nd 2018
4 months ago
Apr 19th 2018
3 months ago

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Cappasity is the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyrights’ storage and exchange of creative content. The project contributes to the AR/VR community by eliminating issues related to copyright due to blockchain technology, smart-contracts and enables users to benefit from new tools and technologies developed by third party service providers. Thanks to the blockchain, when 3D content is being sold via the marketplace, it is sold at a seller’s price and the Ecosystem participants are charged close to no fees. Blockchain technology allows instant and transparent financial transactions all over the globe. The content owner receives payments for each transaction very quickly and without a failure.

Since high-quality and accessible content is the driving force behind the development of AR/VR technologies, Cappasity believes that the blockchain-based AR/VR Ecosystem will bring the AR/VR industry to a new level of its development

Cappasity token (CAPP) will be used as a native digital currency for content purchase and for active community member rewards. Apart from trading it against BTC and ETH, holders will be able to pay for services provided by Cappasity platform soon after Tokensale ends.


Kosta Popov
Alex Chegaev
Marianna Alshina
Alex Garkusha
Blockchain scientist
Natalie Reyes


David Drake
Chairman at LDJ Capital
Jonathan Millet
Jayanand Sagar
Frank Holz
Director / Member Of The Board Gawooni
Anders Larsson
Vice President and Head of Network Products, Ericsson. Co-founder LiveTourLAB
Joakim Holmer
Co-founder LiveTourLAB
Yu Cao
Startup Explorer and Analyst at LVMH
Jim Theberge
Director, Head of Product Management & Sales Strategy, Advanced Advertising at Verizon
Henry Ines
Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Executive Director of Global Chamber® San Francisco
Mark Friedler
CEO, Gigex
Jeff Smith
Entrepreneur in residence, Tech Futures Group
Leo Batalov
Partner at DLA Piper, Head of Emerging Growth Companies & Venture Capital Russia & CIS
DLA Piper
Legal advisor


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