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team - strong team
mvp - yes 
idea - interesting
competitors - low 
market - #services

Nov 26th 2017
9 months ago
Dec 26th 2017
8 months ago

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CanYa has again raised the bar for ICOs following a major acquisition of Bountysource and its passionate 46,000 open-source developer community. In a world where most ICOs (and traded cryptocurrencies) have no product or user-base, this move is unprecedented."  That's the best & most important sentence and making it clear we're a badass ICO with 50k users is priority #1

What is CanYa?

CanYa is a peer to peer market of skilled services - where users are instantly connected to service providers. Unlike most ICO's we already have a working product, high user growth and an experienced team - We launched our initial product to Australia earlier this year and now we're conducting an ICO to fund expansion into the international market as well as launching CAN token. Visit us and say hello at https:/

CAN token

CAN tokens have intrinsic value because of our trusted hedged escrow smart contract - In short CAN tokens will be in constant demand (For a longer definition check out this blog post: CAN will also allow the crypto community to pay for skilled services directly with cryptocurrency. The CAN token is an ERC20 utility token with three clear use-cases which provides a steady and constant demand for the CAN token. Firstly, users can pay for real-world services in CanYaCoins. Secondly, service providers can also promote their profiles each month by purchasing CAN tokens within the platform. Lastly, 20% of all tokens are reserved to economically incentivise users to use and share the platform, such as referral rewards, transaction cash-backs and welcome bonuses.

Our Dolphin Tier

The ICO will also be rewarding participants who contribute to CanYa’s community through its ‘Dolphin Tier’ - an exclusive invite-only pre-ICO bucket with a 40% bonus. Basically, we want to reward the community who believe in the project and have helped us spread the word about CanYa.


Our Roadmap

CanYa will completely change the world’s $2tn ‘gig economy’. CanYa will be a fully decentralised, international platform for people to book and pay (or be paid) for both home and digital services. It will become a truly international meritocracy for services that is run entirely by those who use the platform. This has never been done before and will revolutionise the way we book and pay for services.


JP Thorbjornson
CEO & Co-Founder
Rowan Wilson
CTO & Co-Founder
Chris McLoughlin
CMO & Co-Founder
Kyle Hornberg
Lead Operations Manager & Co-Founder


David Moskowitz
CEO of Indorse & CEO of Attores
Josh Buirski
Distributed Technologies Institute
Kai C. Chng
Co-Founder & CEO of DigixGlobal
Karen Hsu
Head of Growth at BlockCypher


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