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Foxico is the most complete listing of projects that conduct ICO with the most trustworthy ICOs ratings from blockchain experts and investors. Foxico provides an in-depth project analysis helping you to make quick decision about investing!

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team - strong team

mvp - no

idea - usual

competitors - medium

market - #investments

Dec 7th 2017
6 months ago
Jan 1st 2018
6 months ago

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BullToken is a people-driven investment community that aims to finally bring transparency and legitimacy to the ICO market. Giving cryptocurrency investors an arena to work together towards a common goal, The BullToken Community Platform is the first social media space of its kind.

Functioning as one giant symbiotic ICO investing-machine, BullToken's Community will accomplish thousands of hours a week of careful and skilful ICO analysis. Those contributing will receive an extra bonus for their hard work, shining light on the most innovative and promising blockchain projects, while also exposing all fraudulent projects our community comes across.


ICOs have proven to be a fantastic way to catalyse opportunity and innovation, and BullToken aims to help keep it that way. With new and unexperienced investors flocking to ICOs, and more and more scams flooding the market, it’s time for a positive change towards a safer ICO investing environment.


Raymond Øverlie
Espen Moen Kvelland
Louie Procopio


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