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team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - many
market - #gambling
Mar 15th 2018
3 months ago
Jan 15th 2018
5 months ago

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BotGaming is a blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots. Verifiability of odds and building users' trust represent our core values. This is why BotGaming has been built using open source PNRG to make interactions inside the game session transparent and verifiable. BotGaming uses blockchain protocol at the game’s session level. Once the game session begins, all transactions like slot machine spins or poker hands are gas-free and are processed almost instantaneously.

Try out our games for Telegram: 

What problems does BotGaming solve

Despite the high rates of growth of the industry, trust in online gambling is lacking. This problem covers all aspects of the gambling industry, from PRND to payments. The combination of open source PNRG and the processing of all external transactions using the blockchain ensures provably fair gambling.

Mobile device users spend up to 70% of time using messenger apps, which make them especially promising to use as a mobile gambling platforms. A user doesn’t need to install a new application and ad traffic for messengers is significantly cheaper than usual mobile traffic.

Successful track record

We started the development of the games for messengers in 2016, and initially we focused on a social gambling business model with monetization driven solely by in-app purchases. Our products were mentioned by Forbes, TechCrunch and CNet. Moreover, Pokerbot is considered to be the #1 bot on Telegram.

  • 4 Active bots  
  • 400,000+ Total Bot installs  
  • 35,000+ Monthly Active Users

What is a BOT token used for

BOT is an utility token based on ERC20 standards. The key feature of the token is its’ use as ingame currency. It will be a purely utility token and cannot be considered as a security.


Kirill Pyrev
Fedor Matasov, Ph.D.
Ruslan Mukhametkhanov
Marketing and PR
Leo Kangin
Head of product
Samuel Mcculloch
Business development
Mikhail Sinitsyn
Business development manager East Asia
Dmitry​ ​Popov
Project Manager
Dmitry​ ​Rozhkov
System Architect
Mikhail​ ​Ruban
Full Stack Developer
Kirill​ ​Glinsky
Full Stack Developer
Evgeny​ ​Savin
ChatBot Developer
Dmitry​ ​Ruban
Q&A Lead
Vitalii Nozhko
Web designer and Illustrator


Ariel​ ​Israilov
Investment Advisor
Andrei Moskvitch
ICO Legal Advisor


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