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bookmark6 /10
team - small team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - many
market - #investingplatform
Jan 20th 2018
5 months ago
Mar 17th 2018
3 months ago

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Blockbits DAPP is a decentralized, open-source crowd-fund/investing platform that is fully driven by blockchain code. It provides innovative mechanisms such as safe funding vaults and secure milestone based payments. The platform offers to both investors and project owners investing tools and minimal to zero fees. Our platform is designed to become fully independent, maintained and governed by its own token holders. Blockbits itself is launched through the very code submitted here as MVP. It is not a Venture Capital Fund, nor an Investment Fund. It is a platform where you launch your project and the community is going to be the one moderating the content. Welcome to the smart company of the future! Never tired, no bias just code, autonomous platform distributed throughout the blockchain, mutable only with its community approval, always ready for the innovative ideas of tomorrow!


Micky Socaci
Main Developer
Mihai Iliescu
Senior Security Engineer
Vlad Morar
Video / Marketing Specialist
Ionut Toader
Frontend Developer
Radu Dumitru
Graphic / UX Designer
Crypto Economics Analyst


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