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Oct 25th 2017
9 months ago
Dec 20th 2017
7 months ago

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Bitunicom is a application network and development platform to establish real-time secure communication for users. We aims to connect all devices from all over the world through blockchains.
here is our roadmap
Q2-Q3 2017
Project Launch
Blockchain and Cryptographic Analysis
White Paper Publish

Q4 2017
Communication Protocol Refinement
Extended DHT Routing Network Draft
Dapp Node Discovery Protocol Release

Q1 2018
Abstract Layer between different Blockchains and Dapps
IM Prototype Publish

Q2 2018
Blockchain Account Integration
Communication Channel Key Exchange Protocol
Voice over IP Functionality
IM Test release
Extended DHT function for different dapps on same node Test

Q3 2018
IM Alpha Release
Dapp Data Backup and Restore Function for History Information Proof
Application Router Alpha Release
Bitunicom development platform release

Q4 2018
IM Beta Release
Distributed Computing Framework Publish
DataFlow Graph Execution Engine

Q1 2019
Application Router&Server Refinement
Distributed Computing Platform Test & Publish
Improved P2P File System

Q2 2019
Distributed Computing Platform Alpha Release
Establish Net of Intelligence distributed globally

Q3 2019
Distributed Computing Platform Beta Release


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