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team - unknown
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idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Entertainment #Platform #Casino
May 1st 2018
3 months ago
Aug 1st 2018
14 days ago

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Bet coin project was created by enthusiasts who are engaged in the development of online casinos in Russia. We attracted experts in software development and lawyers to the project, who will help to apply the strengths of blockchain technologies to solve business problems.


The strategic goal of the project is to radically change business relations in the global online casino market.We strive to decentralize the expansion of the business and bring it beyond the traditional relationship between players and online casinos.


Our project will be the beginning of work with blockchain in the online casino market. Bet coin will issue tokens that can be exchanged for coins for trading, betting and playing in the online casino at the exchange rate at the time of entering the exchange, or leave tokens and receive profit from the company.


Bet coin is a multi-blockchain project aiming to create a transformation in the online casino and betting market. The initiators of the project create processes through the introduction of blockchain technologies in all understandable relations between players and casinos.


Due to the fact that our authorized capital is mining equipment, participants can be confident in the success of the project and their own benefit, because online casinos and bookmakers around the world are developing every day and the number of players is constantly growing . Thus, the participants of our project can not doubt the increase in the value of the token after its launch. 


The essence of the project is the introduction of blockchain technologies and smart contracts as well as ensuring the anonymity of money transfers to the usual online casino and betting system .


Our Token is created to calculate the share of investments in ICO. Thanks to it, you will receive cryptocurrency through a smart contract. It is based on the Ethereum ERC20 Protocol.


Bet coin does not charge transaction fees to players, as they are covered by transaction costs due to miners. Transaction cost for miners is 1%.  Our project is not making money on the transaction.


Our project makes it possible to earn each token holder, as the authorized capital of our project is mining equipment.All profits from mining will be distributed among the holders of our tokens.


The first three months we give players the opportunity to play and win even more. The bonus to the purchased tokens will be 50% provided that our tokens are transferred to the coins and transferred to the online casino or bookmaker account. 


Also, provided that the holder of our tokens is an active player in the casino, we add 20% to the amount of his winnings.


Also absolutely anyone can get a personal referral link, share this link, and when someone signs up and makes a contribution using this link, you will receive a 5% bonus!


The aim of the project is to protect online casino players from unfair actions of online casinos and betting companies consisting in frequent non - payment of cash prizes to the winning party.


With the help of smart contract we provide 100 percent payout for online casino player. 


Project objective 


- to issue and sell our tokens with a nominal value of 1.8 dollars per token. 

- to acquire with the received funds a certain amount of mining equipment to provide and support our token as well as the distribution of profits from mining among the holders of our tokens in proportion. 

- put our tokens into circulation. 


Investments necessary for our project-100 million rubles, these funds will go into the development of our token, and this amount will be invested in the authorized capital of our company to increase confidence in our company among the holders of our tokens and miners - thus we will become the first company in Russia with the authorized capital of the proposed Minsvyaz


Unlike many companies that go to ico and build their own mining facilities with this money , our facilities will be located in Moscow at the actual location of our company , any investor will be able to come to our office and inspect our facilities personally and, if desired, even touch them with his hands . Our company is not going to hide its capacity in other cities and countries where almost can not get investors , we trust our investors and want to be sure that investors also trust us. Thus, we create a completely transparent structure of our project. 


We are not going to place our capacities at an indefinite distance from our investors for the sake of cheap electricity ,which is indicated in the business plans of other companies as 20-25 percent of the costs, as we have long been engaged in mining and know well that even in the conditions of Moscow electricity prices, the price of its payment is 20 percent of income.


Our coin is backed by solid financial planning and aims to deepen the existing and profitable market. If you are interested in ICO, which seek to stabilize real industries, then it is definitely worth investing in our token. 


Our company offers several models for investment :


1-buying tokens of our company-for those people who are not going to use cryptocurrencies, but just want to get a steady income from the profits of our company. With the growth of our cryptocurrency, the value of tokens as well as our company increases, which guarantees an increase in income to token holders.


2 - buying coins for further trading or playing in the online casino-with this type of investment, the buyer of coins can earn on the growth of our coin.


Players of online casinos who are holders of our coins benefit from the growth of our coins and also due to the bonuses provided by our company for players .


Token holders can also become holders of our coins either by purchasing our coins on more favorable terms that are provided to all token holders , or by exchanging their tokens for coins at the current rate.


Tocancel :


Our tokens grant holders the right to perpetual possession of mining capacity and the exchange of tokens for coins for the actions envisaged by the issue of coins .

Receiving 60% of the mining revenue of our company, in proportion to its share in the BetCoin project. 


Tokens are sold out in three stages during 90 days from may 1 to July 30

Each token is backed up by real mining power any unsold tokens will not be created .


The project will be implemented at any scale of the collected funds.


Tocancel consists of three stages which differ in the value of the token and a system of discounts depending on the stage of the purchase.


After passing the first stage of pre ico, our company begins the first Assembly and configuration of the mining system . So investors who invested in the first phase of licensee just a few weeks after the end of the first stage start to make a profit on their tokens . 


Distribution of funds :


All receipts are directed on purchase of the equipment and technical expenses of the project .

Our team takes care of all the expenses of the company. 

The company's profit is divided by investors and the team investors receive 60 percent team 40.


Cut the yield :


Every month, our company will reinvest 10% of the company's profits into new mining capacities at the expense of profit.


Coin :


Pros - no need to look for special casinos on the blockchain - play in the usual online casinos , bet on proven bookmakers.


Cryptocurrency is based on Proof-of-Stake mining technology.

The main goal of bet coin cryptocurrency is the development of the gaming industry. Transfer of all online casinos to Bet coin calculation in order to reduce or avoid Commission.

The more game projects will be attached to the cryptocurrency Bet coin , the higher the value of the currency on the exchanges. The goal of all users is to develop currency turnover in the field of gambling.


Any payments within the gambling games and related projects will be carried out with a minimum Commission of the system itself and as convenient as possible. Support for mobile devices will make it possible to use Bet coin everywhere.


When betting in an online casino, users are forced to pay a fee to the platform that accepts bets and thus lose some of their money. Bet coin solves this problem — through this Ethereum-based platform, users will be able to place bets without a fee. All transactions will be carried out in its own cryptocurrency platform Bet coin.


Bet coin was designed to have unique features that make it accessible to the average player.


Overcoming the barriers to entry of cryptocurrency :

The current cryptocurrencies are new and interesting, but inaccessible to the ordinary player.To access cryptocurrencies, you must buy equipment or invest a large amount of money in buying cryptocurrencies, and send copies of your passport and personal documents to a website you've probably never heard of. Bet coin offers you the simplest registration option and one of the most affordable entry thresholds in the world of cryptocurrencies.


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