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team - unknown
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #BusinessPlatform
Mar 7th 2018
4 months ago
Apr 27th 2018
3 months ago

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Berith platform is a business platform that can reach customers without geographical boundaries. You can easily apply blockchain in your business without understanding the technology.

It is possible to perform real-life businesses with this evolutionary blockchain platform and its membership economy. Also, it supports day-to-day operations for your business from marketing and CRM to making purchases and rewarding customers with cryptocurrencies.

What we wanted to accomplish with Berith was to develop a more applicable and helpful platform in real life, the one that resolved the existing issues of blockchain such as transaction delays and fees

We also saw that most cryptocurrencies were not being actually used in real life.

The problem was in the providers.

Since the public blockchain of existing cryptocurrencies didn’t provide the confidentiality and expandability which are essential in business environment, businesses chose to use only the blockchain technology instead of using cryptocurrencies.

To meet the needs of businesses, Berith Platform established a new hybrid blockchain and solved the issues related to confidentiality and expandability.

Personal information can be stored on this new blockchain and only the authorized and specific groups or businesses are provided with the access to these information.

We also enhanced our existing smart contracts system to process more diverse and complex business rules.

For instance, when franchise stores want to make their own tokens and use anniversaries, time of payment, amount of purchases, age and gender for marketing, they can use Berith Platform’s Smart Contract System. If public institutions want to limit their youth welfare budget to only youth-related expenditure, they can make a youth welfare token and set a limit on the use of the token as well.  

Berith Platform will allow ordinary people to easily make smart contracts simply with few clicks.


Suwoong Lim
Chief Executive Officer
Junghyuk Kim
Vice President
Taekkyun Kim
Chief Technical Officer
Hyungyoon Lee
Development Managaer
Sangyoon Kim
Technical Architect
Minseok Choi
Service Architect Manager
Dongmin Cha
Blockchain Business Consultant


Sooyong Park
Business Development Manager
Hoyeol Jung
Platform Architect
Jounsu Kwon,Namkyu Choi
Business Development Manager,Business Development Manager


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