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team - strong team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - few
market - #health #fitness
Feb 20th 2018
3 months ago
Jul 15th 2018
in 2 months

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Hundreds of millions of people are doing sports every day. SportAlliance will take this to the next level with revolutionary blockchain technology. Starting with our ICO we will establish BEAT as the economy of the global sports and fitness industry.


Soon every person passionate about sports will be able to earn BEATs by electronically trackable and certified exercises, be it in the gym or outside. We aim to encompass participants from all over the world doing all kinds of sports and at all levels of fitness.

With BEATs as a new part of their exercising life, participants will be more engaged and experience an entirely new level of motivation. They will:

  • Receive BEATs as a reward with real-world value for being active and participating in the global community.

  • Grow and tighten this community of people who share a passion: fitness, exercise and sports.


Our own platform is comprised of four innovative companies with over 140 employees, more than 40 of them seasoned developers. Our existing technology is already the gold standard in the industry and we are enjoying a dominant market share in Germany. It is from this solid position of strength that we are looking to expand to a global reach. We will integrate BEAT into our system and introduce it to the worldwide sports community. We want to conquer the biggest challenge in sports: getting and staying motivated to continue the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.


BEAT will be ‘mined’ by users doing a variety of sports or fitness activities, tracked by certified technology. This alone makes BEAT so much more that a mere cryptocurrency. It is a beacon for ongoing motivation. It is the thread, that will connect ecosystems, that so far have been separate, joining all the sports communities that have lived in silos so far.


The BEAT ICO will start on February 20th and run until mid-May, when it will be listed on a variety of exchanges. Until then a pre-sale is in place where we issue a bonus of 100% for every BEAT purchased.

Check out and join us in revolutionizing the world of sports and fitness! Let’s create a decentralized global community and economy, built on getting fit.



Daniel Hanelt
Daniel Wischer
Kjeld Peters
Jens Kappe
Jonas Bading
Sven Eismann
Thomas Bartz
Carsten Buchberger


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