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Jun 30th 2017
a year ago
Aug 4th 2017
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What Is BattleDrome

BattleDrome is a platform for gaming which is built on top of a decentralized Battle Arena, allowing anyone to create a Warrior: an entity which exists on the Ethereum Network, which can be traded, trained, equipped, and entered into events to do battle with other Warriors for fun and profit! Much like their roman gladiator predecessors, Warriors gain experience over time which they use to gain in skill and combat prowess. Warriors gain FAME throughout their career, a portion of which is transferred to their owner each time. Events are regularly scheduled, by the community in a decentralized way, and have rules (number of warriors, skill level limitations, etc). Anyone may choose to enter their warriors during the "Registration Period". Following this period the "Wager Period" begins, allowing spectators to place wagers on the outcome of the event.


BattleDrome is a rich and broad gaming ecosystem. Check out some of the features planned for launch.


ERC20 Token that powers BattleDrome FAME is the heart of the BattleDrome Ecosystem. Much like the ancient Colosseum of Rome, FAME is the currency that all owners/patrons are vying for, it's what the crew/workers manning the arena are hoping to earn, it's what the warriors take from one another through skillful combat, and it's what those wishing to garner attention, and market their wares use to advertise. BattleDrome was designed from the ground up to be a multi-faceted platform to encourage the demand for FAME, while providing an enjoyable entertainment experience regardless of your pleasure. From a technical perspective FAME will be a fully ERC20 compliant token, which will be issued once, with limited supply, no further FAME can be minted after the ICO. The currency also supports "burning" (permanent destruction of FAME tokens) which will be how we destroy un-sold tokens at the end of the ICO. As a result, over time, scarcity of the resource will increase.


Paul Mumby
Founder & Lead Developer
Jeff Warford
Co-Founder & Developer
Ian Anstey
Co-Founder, Systems Admin & Tester


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