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team - small team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - low
market - #antiq
Mar 15th 2018
3 months ago
Apr 15th 2018
2 months ago

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AntiqMall is an online marketplace where the works of art and antiques placed for sale. We provide access to the art objects of the majority worldwide antique dealers and galleries, as well as the ability to pay for purchases with Fiat money,  AntiqMall tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

AntiqMall will be integrating with  the Origin Protocol to further our mission of a fair and efficient blockchain-powered antiques marketplace.

Actually, it sounds amazing that world there is still no worthy global marketplace for selling antiques. There are some local websites offering antiques for sale in this or that country, but their disadvantages are obvious. First, they are designed for professional participants of the antique market. Second, goods placement is not free of charge there. 

Our project is created to unite more than 90% of the objects of art and antiques displayed on various websites: 

- We exploit the system developed by our specialists, which allows compiling antique items from thousands of websites around the world and locate them on our platform. Moreover, anyone can put an object of antiques for sale on their own and completely free of charge. The proposed solution will make our service the largest global antiques marketplace in the shortest possible time.

- Placing goods on our website is entirely free of charge.

- Our website is available for both large players of the antique market and ordinary users who wish to sell or buy antique items.

- The buyer can pay for the purchase in any convenient way, including fiat money, any cryptocurrency or AMT tokens. At the same time the seller receives payment in any form convenient for him.

- Free shipping. Our team is responsible and manages to solve the problems and obstacles referred to shipping, packaging, and customs clearance.

- The current situation on the market is characterized with 200-300% and even higher extra charge of antiques. The scale of our project will allow significantly reducing these figures even taking into account fine art shipping and customs clearance.


Actively developing technology based on the blockchain will make it possible to conclude deals quickly, simply, cheaply, without intermediaries and absolutely safe. Being a decentralized trading platform, 

AntiqMall offers an attractive service that encourages users to effectual interaction within the project.

AntiqMall is a revolutionary solution on the antiques market. It is a unique online project that allows solving market problems and making it transparent and accessible. 

We are convinced that it is the blockchain technology that will alter the antiques market all around the world, attract new investors into this the niche and allow launching a new round of active growth.



Dmitry Kuznetsov
Konstantin Pokrovskiy
Alex Pinkevych
Alexander Gnatyk
Alexander Korzin
Alexey Bystrov


Alexander Gubanov


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