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Aug 12th 2017
a year ago
Sep 11th 2017
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Our Story

ML Invest establishes and participates in software and Internet companies. The focus is on the objectives of value creation, scaling effects and profitability. ML Invest concentrates on its core competences, the detection of innovative and extensible software companies and the expansion of its subsidiaries. ML Invest is currently holding shares in three online companies which have a market-ready technology.

Our Vision

The revenues from the AlpenCoin Crowd Sale are only used for advertising costs and the internationalization of the projects. With the AlpenCoin you get a direct ownership share on the platforms and thus profit participation on all online platforms. We will exclude you from participating in possible losses for your protection. You can sell your AlpenCoins to other interested parties at any time (after completion of the Crowd Sales), so you have the chance to benefit from the growing market value of the coin in addition to the profit that is credited monthly to your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet.


For our innovative platforms and projects, we only use the latest software, web and database technologies to provide our users with a new and unique user experience. Our team of developers and designers is certainly one of the best!


Maximilian Lecker
Florian Rickers


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