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team - unknown
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idea - strange
competitors - some
Apr 2nd 2018
3 months ago
Apr 23rd 2018
3 months ago

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All Of Art — is a non-profit decentralized web-platform. The platform is a combination of three components:

1.      Online search of artworks based on a neural network.

2.      Social aggregator for the art community;

3.      Art gallery where artworks are sold by artists without any transaction or volume-based fees.


All Of Art will provide access to the platform with multi-million audience for thousands of artists all over the world. It will offer to millions of customers a great selection of artworks. Search engine of the platform will be based on a neural network. Purchase will occur without any extra charge (no transaction or volume-based fees), because the artists themselves will control the platform using an open blockchain. 


Dmitry Afremov
Boris Afremov
Managing Director
Valery Kholodov
Julia Shevchenko
Marketing officer
Max Konovalov
Marketing manager
Anna Vdovichenko
PR manager
Ilya Sebentsov
German Collins
Security manager
Manuel Avila Guerrero
Financial advisor
Omar Ivan Baqueiro Álvarez
Legal advisor


Leonid Afremov
General advisor


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