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team - mid-level team
mvp - yes
idea - hard to understand
competitors - some
market - #software #platform
Mar 16th 2018
4 months ago
Jul 3rd 2018
14 days ago

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Alibabacoin Foundation  currently holding an ICO online ( and we are successfully recruiting a large amount of blockchain development fund both offline and online.

ABBC Foundation is a legally registered foundation based on Dubai, and our main offices are located in both Dubai and Belarus. We have over 100 official workers all around the world, currently developing our blockchain system as well as apps that will enhance our services in the near future.

Alibabacoin Foundation’s development team’s new technology is to combine facial recognition technology and payment system into blockchain. Once the new solution is implemented the collected data is deleted as soon as the facial recognition is complete. This is an outstanding performance driven by its differentiation from other cryptocoins.

Since the facial recognition data is encrypted through blockchain replacing the private key, users will be able to store their money more safely in the electronic wallet. Alibabacoin Foundation development team’s facial recognition technology is secure from personal information leakage and it allows to distinguish the owner immediately using the collected information.

Also, Alibabacoin Foundation is planning to create their own cryptocurrency exchange platform as well as to launch an online shopping website where people can use not only Alibabacoin but other cryptocoins as well.

Along with these innovative plans Alibabacoin Foundation places emphasis on charitable activities. After the establishment of the foundation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, they are participated and organized several charity events. They are trying to help the less privileged children of our society.


Jason Daniel Paul Philip


Hassan Abbas
Jene Claude
Lead IOS Developer


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