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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Rating
May 23rd 2018
2 months ago
Jun 28th 2018
20 days ago

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Alethena is the first Swiss Blockchain-Asset rating agency. Reliable due diligence and a resulting rating are established by providing a professional, transparent and in-depth methodology. Proudly transferring the values of its Swiss heritage, Alethena sets itself the highest standards of neutrality and independence. A scalable and decentralised methodology is the definite goals to be achieved with A.I. and Machine Learning in the near future.


Pascal Marco Caversaccio
Co-Founder & CEO
Markus Hartmann
Co-Founder & President
Tim Glaus
Co-Founder & COO
Alexander Thoma
Co-Founder & CFO
Benjamin Rickenbacker
Chief Scientific Officer
Leonard Dulay-Winkler
Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Frey
Community Director & Growth Hacker Asia
Isaac Chan
Community Manager & Growth Hacker Asia


Thorsten Hens
Strategic Advisor
Urs Wälchli
Strategic Advisor
Luzius Meisser
Strategic Advisor
Israel Serrano Ortiz
Strategic Advisor
Pascal Forster
Strategic Advisor
Robert LeMoyne
Strategic Advisor
Timothy Mastroianni
Strategic Advisor
Roger Halbheer
Strategic Advisor
Alessandro De Carli
Strategic Advisor
Thomas Gustinis
Strategic Advisor
Gary Sum
Strategic Advisor


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