Artificial Intelligence; United Kingdom
Mindzilla is creating a new knowledge economy by fundamentally redesigning the way in which research and other important insights are shared and accessed. Knowledge becomes a currency based upon the proof of value within ideas, information and insights. This differs significantly from other forms of currency, which simply require the demonstration of expended energy or effort. The currency is in the form of the AIQ (Artificial Intelligence Quotient) token, which is awarded based on the value of information contributed. Tokens have an intrinsic value determined by Mindzilla’s AI and are created and recorded through our Blockchain system. This makes it an entirely fair and sustainable system based upon the true value of knowledge, without any room for speculation or human bias. The entire AI/Blockchain system incentivises and propagates the advancement of knowledge. This new funding model essentially levels the playing field for everyone. Not only can existing research institutions benefit from publishing their work on Mindzilla but individuals within diverse societies around the world now have access to support, collaboration and funds to bring their ideas to life. Mindzilla’s AI system works to fully read and conceptualise all information across the entire database. It operates via a single open knowledge network, thereby removing all barriers involved in knowledge search and discovery processes. This means if you are a researcher, academic or student, Mindzilla does the discovery for you and keeps on going until you tell it to stop. You don’t have to trawl for information yourself. Instead, you are presented with all the most relevant information, including from places you might not think to look. This is a game changer in the world of research and information discovery across all sectors. Furthermore, because Mindzilla finds related information across diverse subject areas, it opens up the potential for groundbreaking developments and innovative thinking that would have previously been obscured. The larger Mindzilla’s library of content, the more effective the token system becomes. Therefore, our immediate focus, and requirement of funding through our ICO, is to further develop the technology platform and its user interface at the same time as rapidly scaling the population of content databases from open libraries and academic partnerships throughout the world.
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