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Superpower of Esports a team in every major league. Aether United's ambition is to make esports a better industry and give the fan base the deserved respect and power over the playing teams. They are the only platform empowering fans to such a level by democratizing esports management with a fan token. They are going to purchase an esports team with the money raised from the crowdsale. Key management decisions will be open for voting on by the fans. These decisions will be powerful due to the wisdom of the crowd.

With the fan contribution, the teams will do better than the competition. This creates a positive feedback loop that generates excitement, attracts more fans and improves the quality of the management decisions. Rune holders vote on management strategies, redeem merchandise, and join the freelance market. Runes will power a quickly growing ecosystem and grow in demand.


Salvatore Gallo
Founder & CEO
Alisha Rosen
Creative Director
Giorgio Gallo


Lowell Ness
Ken Jew
David Heckadon
Ander Frischer


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