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May 28th 2017
a year ago
Jun 9th 2017
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Incubator Foundation - æternity will spin off a foundation to support open-source developers, entrepreneurs and young businesses which build their projects upon æternity. Adoption - æternity puts an emphasis on web-browser integration and a mobile-first approach to bring blockchain technology to the next level of adoption. Education - On the technical side æternity will provide developer workshops and tutorials to make the technology easily accessible. æternity supports interested businesses and individuals to find a fit for their use case. Establishment - æternity blockchain is bootstraped by aeternity establishment and incorporated in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Ongoing communication with respective regulatory institutions is key to keep blockchain technology and the æternity project in legally safe waters.

æpps - æternity will deliver essential open-source æpps with the launch of the platform. This brings use to the blockchain from day one. Read the æternity whitepaper to find out more about the applications. Research & Academia - æternity is continuously researching the newest technological standards and continuously expanding our cooperations with international research institutions to keep the technology safe and up to date. Official partnerships to be announced soon. Partnerships - æternity is bootstrapping partnerships in different sectors to bring blockchain technology into real world use.


Yanislav Malahov
Zack Hess
Technical lead
Marion Vogel
Marketing & operations
Nikola Stojanow
Business development
Vladislav Dramaliev
Marketing & community
Lior Zysman
Law and regulation
Dan Verowski
Project management
Stoyan Vasilev
Design director
Michal Zajda
Senior erlang architect
Andreas Kohl
Head of accounting
Alex Siman
Senior web developer
Vandres Guzmán
Hispanic community manager


Alessandro De Carli
Technical blockchain advisor
Steve Dakh
Crypto tech advisor
John Tromp
Advisor on pow "cuckoo cycle"
Vincent Zhou
China advisor


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