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idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #HR
Apr 15th 2018
3 months ago
May 15th 2018
2 months ago

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ABL is not an evolution of the traditional recruitment workflow; it is a blockchain-backed recruitment ecosystem with fully-integrated HR services. ABL is a collaborative ecosystem where users control their information and create their own professional solutions. On the ABL network, an enterprise employer will be able to manage their entire talent portfolio with custom assessment tools that help to build a better understanding of their workplace environment. Then, rather than paying a recruiter who must interpret their talent needs, they can leverage their own performance indicators such as work cultural fitt, adaptability and growth, leveraged through psychometric and longitudinal data. Enterprise could also create their own funnel of high potential candidates and signicantly reduce the time to hire and the associated cost.

ABL works through a decentralized system of bounties and attestation based rewards for professionals and organizations. At its core are a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum public network, providing anyone the opportunity to participate without the approval of or reliance on a centralized authority.

To facilitate a thriving network ecosystem, a supporting set of infrastructure and services will be provided by ABL. While not required to interact with the ABL blockchain based smart contracts, these services will provide the eco- system with a fully functioning platform. 


Eric Simins
Chief Executive Officer
Karen Olsson
Chief Operating Officer
David Olsson
Chief Innovation Officer
Noah Marconi
VP Research & Development
David Gadd
VP Talent Acquisition
Gene Bernier
VP Engineering
Anjali Inman
Head of Investor Relations & Legal
Chris Arlidge
Creative Director
Brad Trites
Head of Marketing


David Orban
Seed stage startup and blockchain investor with over 25 years of advising and building global tech companies.
Tom Bollich
CTO at MadHive, Company Advisor and Token architect at Fr8 Network, Company Advisor and Token architect at StormX.
Adam Helfgott
CEO at MadHive & Project Lead at MAD Network.
Ron Lynch
Award-winning Creative Director who’s strategic outlines has helped guide product launches for Rug Doctor, Eagle One, AeroGarden, Silk’n Beauty, Tanda Me, Robin McGraw Revelation, BackJoy, and GoPro.
Irina Litchfield
Founder at BlockchainCubed, angel investor, blockchain advisor and co-founded a high-frequency bitcoin exchange in 2013.
Dr. John Marshall
President and Founder of The Self Management Group, they assist organizations in attracting, selecting, and developing top performers with statistics.
Susan Oh
Blockchain AI Industry lead for Trane AI., Founder & CEO of MKR AI, and governing member for Blockchain For Impact, UN General Assembly.
Robert Dougan
Trainer and international speaker working with Talent Acquisition & Talent Management solutions across many different business sectors.
Christopher Calicott
Christopher is the Managing Director at Trammell Venture Partners a venture capital firm investing in seed- and early-stage Machine Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity startup companies.
Richard Titus
Managing Partner of ARK VC Fund
Marissa Kim
Ark Advisors
Mo Kumarsi
CoinPayments, Spectiv, Event Chain, Remus Coin
Brad Yasar
Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor
Samir Bandali


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