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bookmark4.5 /10
team - one person
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #Tourism
May 15th 2018
a month ago
Sep 30th 2018
in 3 months

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Abeona is a cryptocurrency; the settlement unit of the Adiona blockchain platform. The revolutionary platform Adiona will include decentralized systems for booking hotels and buying tickets.

The Adiona platform will allow business owners to get more revenue, and customers will have fewer expenses.

In the opinion of many travels is one of life's great pleasures.  Unfortunately, for those who prefer to use cryptocurrency for significant transactions, their ability to book flights or other travel needs have been insufficient.  The good news is that problem will be solved soon, thanks to an exciting announcement from Abeona.  Abeona is in the process of launching a new crypto coin Abeona, which will be settled on the breakthrough Adiona platform, primarily targeted at booking flights, along with trading.  The excitement surrounding the project is high.



Artur Manukiani


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