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Aug 15th 2017
10 months ago
Sep 15th 2017
9 months ago

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AbabDAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation used for developing projects based on technology. In traditional alternatives, there are two main risks – the marketplace platform and the counterparty. If you’re a guest, something may go wrong with the platform and with the host, and if you’re a host – the same is true to platform and guest. We’ll remove the platform risk through DAO and decrease counterparty risk through smart-contracts and reputation system similar to eBay, Alibaba, Airbnb, etc and become fully trustless.


Aleksey Nebotov
Project Team Lead
Sergey Latatuev
Project Architect
Denys Matuzenko
Project Front End Developer
Yaroslav Lunev
Head of Communications
Alyona Kazakova
Community Manager
Bogdan Medvedev
Project Back End Developer


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