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Jun 11th 2017
a year ago
Jun 27th 2017
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The 21 Million Project will smash everything that the Hollywood powers-that-be don’t want to change ​Diverse talent will be given a voice. Rewards will be distributed fairly via Smart Contracts Investors will see real returns on their ether We're banding together an inspired, planet-wide community, led by a proven, hardcore team of creative and production experts to deliver a long-running, globe trotting international story that's different from the ground up. 21 Million is the world's first Blockchain Indy TV Series. ​We've chosen to make a series rather than a film because we have a long story to tell and because we don't want the project to live or die in 90 minutes. We anticipate five or six 45 minute episodes for Season 1. Our story is a Bitcoin Action Thriller. A Mystery. A Global Manhunt - A quest for survival against Governments and Banks in the face of an apocalyptic crash that's all too real. And just around the corner.

The 21m want to make a show in which the world looks like the real world – not a whitewashed Hollywood version of it. We want to make sure that everyone involved is looked after, before, during and after production. So the 21M Token is designed as a Royalty Token - the first of its kind. ​ Its purpose is to guarantee investors, writers, cast, crew, producers, directors and even runners get direct benefits, and in proportion to their input. Everyone who works on 21 Million will be paid in fiat currency. But beyond this, they get an equivalent payment in 21M Tokens, giving them a vested interest in the show. If the show does well, their tokens grow. All Tokens are recorded on the public Ethereum Blockchain, so investors receive their tokens in an open and transparent system that rewards everyone for their contribution. Only 20% of Tokens will be retained by 21 Million management. And they’re all registered on the Blockchain.


Nick Ayton
Raiomond Mirza
David Lofts
CMO & Creative Director


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