GTurbo Empowering Real-Sector Blockchain Application

GTurbo is the first token-option for gas turbine production Unlike most real sector ICOs GTurbo is based on an already operating business with a billion-dollar turnover. We plan to scale manufacture capacity and invite you to invest in a stable profitable business.
4 months ago

By launching its derivative, GTurbo enables reliable investment in an already-developed reengineering of gas turbines. Acquisition of the GTurbo derivative is a value-adding investment in real production which implies clear and guaranteed buyout of GTR tokens. Contributing to the GTurbo ICO in the very beginning will bring the investors profit of up to 300%.

At the present moment, even promising and ambitious ICOs do not guarantee a return of funds. An exception is an ICO in the real sector, for example, gas turbine production and maintenance. It is a well-established market, aligned with specific industry needs since many enterprises producing nitric acid for fertilizers have demand for modification of their turbines. GTurbo reengineers old-fashioned gas turbines to suit the modern standard, with the use of its own production plant, equipment, workforce, experience and technologies. The company’s solutions are much-in-demand among producers of nitric acid, whose aim is to increase output by replacement of old GTT-3M turbines with new GTT-3PN. This replacement allows to produce 24,000 tons more each year (22% of the total performance of a turbine per year), that is equal to an annual gain of $ 3.5 million. Due to its reputation and knowledge, Gturbo has formed a list of orders from 14 main customers for the next 10 years.

Participating in the GTurbo option, investors will provide input into expansion of a long-running business established 1964. Direct decentralized investments in the project will be executed by the purchase of the GTurbo option based on the Ethereum platform. The longer a contributor holds tokens, the higher will be their buyout price.

Pre-sale of GTurbo option will be on November 4, 2018. Expansion of gas turbine modification and buyout of the investor tokens will start within 15 months from the ICO end.