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Foxico是最完整的ICO项目,其中包括来自区块链专家和投资者的最值得信赖的ICO评级. Foxico提供深入的项目分析,帮助您快速决定投资!

Foxico Fund

There are options:

  • Invest in Foxico Fund (min. deposit 50 ETH)
  • Invest in Foxico Syndicate (min. deposit 1 ETH)

What projects Foxico Fund invests in?
There are about 300 new ICO in a month. We choose about 10 of them to invest. Foxico Fund gets special offers (discounts, bonuses etc.) from ICO owners. Sometimes it is possible to invest on Pre-ICO stage or even enter closed pre-sale getting special token pricies and bonuses.

How do we choose projects?
We prefer mostly infrastructural projects like EOS or projects that have working MVP and simple monetization scheme like Monetha.
There is deep analysis provided for each project chosen as a potentially interested for investing:

  • problem
  • solution
  • team
  • product/technologies
  • competitors
  • market
  • marketing channels
  • monetisation
  • token model
  • ICO model

The minimum deposit to join Foxico Fund is 50ETH.

10% of invested funds goes to Foxico Fund operational expenditures. Investment report is available once a month upon request. Fund withdrawal from Foxico Fund is available at any time with the deduction of 10% management fee (from the withdrawal ammount) that is kept by Foxico.
Portfolio is changed weekly, depending on investment analysis. Foxico Fund operates with long term investment only.

The minimum deposit to join Foxico Syndicate is 1 ETH.

Syndicate funds are invested in one pool with Foxico Fund. Syndicates commission is as follows:

15% - for deposits 1 - 5 ETH

13% - for deposits 5 - 10 ETH

12% - for deposits 10 - 50 ETH

If you have any further questions please leave email and we contact you as soon as possible